Friday, 27 November 2009

PLAY time

It is the beginning of the play stage. This stage involves experimenting with materials, form and technology. For the degree show I am going to have a number of pieces displayed to demonstrate my ideas and skills.

I am going to start my play stage with my security chain. I need to speak to engineeing, jewellery and the workshop technicians to get help with this. I want to experiment with metals, plastics and possibly ceramics. I need to do a quick cultural probe to see what kind of things people would do with their chain, so I have made a quick mock up from paper and have given them to a number of people. In the probe I asked them to draw/write/attach; something they always forget, something they love or is sentimental, something that would make them smile, some kind of decoartion and anything else they want to put on it.
Below is one I have already received back:

The person has put hand santitiser, sweets, money, a conker and a picture of her mobile phone.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Fourth Year Design Project

It is now two months into my final year project and I am currently focusing on everyday objects that are taken for granted and hoping to give them new life.

To get started I have used Jane Fulton Suri's method of looking at people doing 'Thoughtless Acts.' I went around homes and public spaces taking pictures of interesting situtations and used these images to compile a book of 100 ideas from thoughtless acts.

Last week we had an 'Ideas Day' that involved numerous members from the design industry. These included Daljit Singh, Andrew Shoben, Bill Gaver, Richard Banks, Tim Regan and Charlie Rohan. They were helping us to decide upon which ideas to focus on and develope for the degree show. They helped me narrow my ideas down to 5 or 6 from the 100. They suggested that the ideas needed to be put in context, but they liked how I was trying to create contrasts.

The next stage is PLAY. So I will start to experiment with the technology and materials.