Monday, 8 March 2010


Once again the final form and styling has changed but this time it is set and will not be changing much. The last post I made was talking about using white porcelain to make some of my charms.

I have since thought about making it either a mixture of white porcelain and silver however I decided that with time running out porcelain is not the right material for me to be using. As much as I feel it would bring the correct look and an interesting dimension to the product I do not feel I could manufacture it the the standard I would want it to be at.

So this is where I am at: The 2 door plates are going to be manufactured by engineering from brass (it is ready to go but needs signed off by jon). The chain I am either sourcing from cookson gold or getting a brass chain from B+Q. The charms are still being designed gradually. They have taken on a rather illustrative style. I have currently got two almost completed silicone moulds so by the end of today I should have my first set of casts made. I then want to bring these to jewellery to test it for silver plating.

My final product is to be fully silver plated and jewellery is able to do this.

My plan for this week:
Get casts made from my silicone moulds and get then silver plated.
Get brass chain.
Get solidworks to Engineering (Today/Tomorrow)
Design the wooden housing and charms
Get them drawn out in illustrator

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